Typeahead AutoComplete

Input Mask

Make masks on form fields and html elements, use with simple data attribute data-mask="mask-type". Available data mask (To customize please read Mask Plugin Docs):

'date', 'time', 'date_time', 'zip', 'money', 'phone', 'phone_with_ddd', 'phone_us', 'cpf', 'ip_address', 'percent'

Tags Input

Use with .tags-input or data-input="tags", Very easy!


Replaced Select

Select2 plugin

Easy to use with data attribute data-input="select2" for Select mode and data-input="select2-tags" for Input Tags mode. Or you can use .select2 and .select2-tags. If you use Select2 Tags you can define your available tags with data-tags="your,tags,value" (use , to separate your value), like demo below.


Just provides an alternative option to you to use form select with SelectBoxIt. Use with data-input="selectboxit" or .selectboxit.

data-arrow support with Glyphicon and Font Awesome Icons

data-native give you a native style

Support with Glyphicon and Font Awesome Icons

Date Range Picker

Usa with attribute data-input="daterangepicker", and support with data-time to enable time picker and data-format to format output date. More usage please read the Docs.

Date Picker

Basic usage with data-input="datepicker"

Required .date

Use with data-view="value" (posible value (int) 0, 1 or 2)

Time Picker

Basic usage with data-input="timepicker"

Disable Meridian

Color Picker

Basic usage with data-input="colorpicker"